Sunday, May 24, 2009

CSA Update - Start of the Season


The 2009 CSA season is beginning! Despite the fluctuating weather we’ve been having (a drought-like early spring, an extended period of cold, gray, wet weather, a heatwave, two more weeks of cold, gray wet weather, and, even a frost on May 19th- , 4 days after the “last frost date”!), the vegetables are doing quite well, thriving in fact. Even the first tomatoes, which were planted out prior to the abnormal frost, somehow survived. And labor, the other variable, the one of greatest consequence, is looking pretty good as well. We lost one of our Guatemalan workers who’d been here for two years (to a slightly better paying restaurant job), but we have Mario and Aroldo, both with some experience, and a great team of Interns who are learning priorities and mastering techniques with lightning speed. Hopefully, you will get to know Frank, Dave, Andy, Pete, Erin, Libbie and Charlotte soon.

Our first Friday pick-up will be May 29th from 12 to 6 pm and our first Monday pick-up will be June 1st from 1 to 7 pm. For those picking up at the Jenkins Arboretum, our first delivery will be Tuesday June 2nd . The folks at the Arboretum will be getting back to us with the exact pick-up hours… We’ll let you know early next week.

We are having our New Member Orientation Meeting on Tuesday May 26th at 7pm.
We strongly suggest that all new members attend as it is your best opportunity to learn the pick-up protocol. There is actually quite a lot to learn; from selecting your share from the crops in the Food Distribution Area, to properly harvesting the Pick Your Own crops, to making the most of our Cooperative Marketing Arrangements. And signing in - the necessity of signing in!
Since we will have a large crowd, we are asking that you park in the top of the field above the greenhouses. From St. Andrew’s Lane, turn left through the hedgerow immediately after passing the church’s playground. Park in the mowed section of the field and then walk down the mowed path along the hedgerow to the front of the barn.

Ben Stoltzfus from Pleasant Pastures Organic Acres in Honey Brook will be delivering his raw dairy products and pastured meats every other Friday. His first delivery of the season will be Friday June 5th. To place an order for Ben’s products, simply use our online ordering system or call him at 717-768-3437 and leave a complete and carefully worded message on his machine.. He requires that orders be placed by Wednesday evening.

A new and unique cooperative marketing arrangement is materializing this year. Kevin Koser, a member at Maysie’s Farm will be offering professional massages to CSA members on Friday afternoons! More information to follow!

We will continue to offer workshops and classes at the farm this season. Stay tuned for the schedule of our “Think Globally, Eat Locally” cooking classes and our Down to Earth Farming Workshops.

See you soon!

Sam and Annmarie

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