Monday, October 26, 2009

Scorzonera, our unusual root vegetable

Hello from Amy, the webmaster!

Today in the barn, several of us were marveling over the unusual root vegetable, scorzonera. There was a small amount grown, so that everyone can just get a little taste of it! We all wondered what it would taste like, how it would come out if we all prepared it differently, etc. So I said that I would put up a blog post devoted to this lovely, unusual root vegetable, and suggested that people could post comments talking about how their scorzonera came out.

To get us started, I found a few links about cooking scorzonera, and I should also add that you might know it better by its other name: salsify. Interestingly, it is a genus of the sunflower family. Here are some links:'s page on Scorzonera

Wikia, the Recipes wiki

Food Network salsify recipes

West Star Farm (WI) salsify recipes

Good luck, and please remember to post your results -- good or bad! -- in the comments!



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