Friday, August 28, 2009

CSA update - August 27, 2009

Green beans, wax beans, purple beans- beans, beans, beans! They are still looking beautiful, so bring your bags and fill them up!

If you have any pint or quart berry containers to spare, we could use them here!


ECOFEST '09 - Sunday August 30th in Kerr Park, Downingtown. 10 AM- 9 PM
The goal of this festival is to connect consumers with green businesses, farmers, artists and musicians in the community. Maysie's Farm is a sponsor of this event, and we will have a table there. Stop by and enjoy local food, music and art!

CSA Open House/ Annual Party: Join us Saturday September 12th for our annual CSA party. Bring your friends to introduce them to the farm and the work we do here! There will be activities, music and a pot luck supper. Please bring a dish to share. If you are interested in helping us during this event, please contact Annmarie.


Weeding!! The herbs in the rock pile are in need of some weeding. If you have some time during your pick up to stop by and help us clean it up, it would be greatly appreciated!


We are stocking our freezers full of chicken and salmon- When you take food, please be sure that the freezers seal and close tightly, as sometimes, the doors are open and the freezer begins to defrost.

We are now carrying Jeremiah Eldredge's chickens in the store. Jeremiah has whole chickens and parts. Unfortunately, our freezer started to defrost and we needed to move the pieces out of the freezer…… Monday people got to take advantage! We will be ordering more parts.
Prices for the chickens are as follows:
Whole Chicken: $3.30 per pound.
Boneless, Skinless Breasts: $8.70 per pound,
Thighs and Legs $3.60 per pound
Wings: $3.30 per pound..

Wild Alaskan Salmon:
A new shipment of salmon will be delivered on Monday August 31!


Thanks to member Sally McQuail for sharing this week's recipe for

Poblano Pepper Jelly

Sterilize 8 half pint canning jars, lids and rings
Core and chop poblano peppers finely, 4 cups total- throw in some hot peppers if you'd like!
Place in a large stockpot with a heavy bottom.
Add 2 cups cider vinegar
Add 1 package pectin (1.75 oz)
Stir. Bring to rolling boil.
Add 5 cups of sugar
Bring back to rolling boil, and boil for 1 minute.
Remove from heat and pour into prepared jars.
Process for 5 minutes in boiling water.

Sally also offers this great idea for blackberries!

Have you run out of ideas for blackberries, but can't stop picking them? Seed them through a fine sieve or with a Chinoise, and place four cup increments in freezer bags. In the winter, you can make jam with it, or our family favorite is to make sorbet for Christmas dinner.
See you around the farm!
Annmarie and Sam

Think Globally, Eat Locally
Maysie's Farm Conservation Center
15 St. Andrew's Lane Glenmoore, PA 19343

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